Best Pool Floats 2016 #kellygolightly #flamingofloat #swanpoolfloat

In case you missed the memo, I have this thing with pool floats. While I’ve been swanning since 2012 and have even been known to strap my Swannie Golightly to the top of “my” car and tote said Swannie to “my” private island, I’ve dabbled in other fowl like my trusty mingo and even indulged my sweet tooth (not to mention my taste for the tart and fruity!). But in the land of inflatables, there’s always something new to discover. Behold, my favorite pool floats old and new!


above: toucan pool float | ice cream cone pool float | giant swan pool float | pineapple pool float (also here) | jumbo heart pool float | flamingo pool float (similar here + here) | watermelon pool float

Best Pool Floats: donut pool float, unicorn pool float, pretzel pool float + more! #kellygolightly #poolfloats


unicorn float | pretzel float | donut float | smarties float | popsicle float (also here) | popcorn float | gumball float | tootsie roll float | tootsie roll pop float


Best Pool Floats of All Time #kellygolightly #lemonpoolfloat #swanpoolfloat #cupcakefloat #flamingofloat


lifesaver pool float | flamingo drink holder | ice cream sandwich pool float | donut pool float | heart pool float (also here) | baby inflatable swan (for babies!) | lemon pool float | cupcake pool float

Do you have a favorite floaty?

I’m partial to my beloved swannie (the most elegante of le bunch), mingo, watermelonpineapple and lemon, which all happen to make excellent hostess gifts BTdubs — I once brought a lemon to Trina Turk at a party she was hosting at her house — talk about making an entrance! I’ll be sure to share photos of all the pool floats I own in action soon (I may have a problem!).

But lest you think you need a pool or even warm weather to get your floaty on, need I only whisper these two words: mingo sledding!

A few more pool floats below because I’m SICK:

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