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Goodnight! I am so happy it’s Friday. This week has been a whirlwind, albeit a very fun one, thanks to collabs with The Zoe Report, Harper’s Bazaar and Domaine. Here’s what’s been keeping me busy and why I’m so glad it’s Friday. 

On Sunday night, we drove from Palm Springs to LA. On Monday I popped up to San Francisco for meetings about an exciting project I can’t wait to share with you. On Tuesday morning Fred Baby flew off to Dallas and New York, and on Tuesday night I flew home.

Wednesday and Thursday were a whirlwind of events, playing catchup with friends, and deciding if I was going to go to Fashion Week (I’ll be dropping in for a few days) and Friday, oh Friday, how I am so excited to see you. And Fred Baby, who just landed at the airport!

Which means I really need to go change out of my very glamorous tank top and underwear combo, clean up the tornado of boxes, mail and take-out containers that exploded everywhere, and pretend that I don’t live like a 18-year-old college guy when he’s away (breakfast & lunch = Saltines + Coke in a plastic cup because I have been too lazy to do the dishes). I know blogging can seem pretty glamorous sometimes (and at times it is), but the reality is most often far from it.

Here’s to enjoying the mess — and the ride!

[Photo by Fred Moser]


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