A woman models a bubblegum pink short suit.


Have you heard of the Barbiecore trend? It’s essentially wearing pink unabashedly head to toe, so as you might imagine, I was on board! Clearly I love pink, as exhibited in many of my past looks below. I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world… You too? If so, I’ve rounded up 50+ pink pieces I love so you can embrace the trend.

A brunette wears a pink pantsuit while pumping gas at a vintage gas station in Bisbee, Arizona.

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A woman in a dark blue hat poses in a peacock chair wearing a light pink pantsuit in New York City

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A brunette wears a knee-length pink coat and dress in the style of Audrey Hepburn at Breakfast at Tiffany's.

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A brunette wears a light pink dress in front of a wall of bougainvillea.

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A woman wears a bubblegum pink maxi dress and frayed straw hat in front of a white modern house and palm trees in Palm Springs.

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What do you think of the trend?

Willl you be embracing it and wearing pink head to toe? Or do you prefer your pink in smaller doses?


 50+ Pink Pieces To Shop the Barbiecore Fashion Trend



10 Favorite Pink Pieces In My Shopping Cart


This bubblegum pink faux fur coat (also available here) looks so cozy.

These block heels are everything!

This preppy pink cropped lady jacket is classic and would be cute with jeans and a tee.

Ditto this tweed cardigan on sale.

OMG this dress!!!

This clutch is so fun.

As is this pink wicker basket bag

And this one (which would you choose?).

These earrings are great way to add a pop of pink to any outfit.

Finally, sign me up for this hot pink velvet blazer and matching pants — would be great for fall AND a holiday party with sparkly jewels!


Do you have a favorite piece?


Photos by Fred Moser

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