Happy Monday, amigos! Question for you: Are you still getting dressed to maintain some sense of normalcy or just wearing pajamas 24/7? While most of the week, I was in pajamas, I needed to shoot this darling banana leaf clutch for an Instagram post, so had to finally get dressed. After shimmying into this caftan yesterday and putting on a proper outfit, I have to say, it was the best I felt all week. It also felt good to be outside in sunshine – especially with all of that bougainvillea!

The Post

Banana Leaf Clutch: Garland Bags c/o | Peach Petal Earrings: Vonbloom c/o | Banu Hat: Cult Gaia | Penny Knot Sandals: Loeffler Randall | Vintage White Caftan: similar | Pineapple Sunglasses: Gucci dupes (only $10!)|

Are You Still Getting Dressed?


As someone who had worked from home for 15 years, I still struggle with getting out of my pajamas. But when I actually make the effort and get dressed for the day, I always have a MUCH better day. I guess it’s kind of like smile therapy. Even if it’s a fake smile, you feel better doing it. Same with getting dressed, fake it til you make it. All dressed up and nowhere to go. You’ll feel better about yourself, and likely be more productive. You also won’t feel like you need to hide if you get an impromptu FaceTime call. Haha. Or is that just something I do?


So tell me: Are you getting dressed? Just wearing pajamas? Doing a mix? Do tell… Honestly, there’s no wrong or right answer and we’re all just doing the best we can during these wild, unprecedented times. SO no judgment either way.


But if you’re looking for an easy mood boost, may I gently suggest tossing on some real clothes? Even if it’s just yoga pants and a tshirt, make it the tshirt you didn’t sleep in the night before. #smallvictories


 Cute Spring Accessories


Okay, can we talk about cute spring accessories for a moment? First up, this hat. Can you even? I’ve been wanting a hat like this ever since I inadvertently stalked Trina Turk who was wearing one many moons ago. So when I saw Cult Gaia come out with this version called the Banu hat, I added to cart pronto. 


Next, these peachy petal earrings… They’re by a new brand called Vonbloom. I love them not only for their style but because they’re light too. Win-win.


Finally, this banana leaf clutch! It’s by Garland Bags, a small woman-owned brand who uses home décor and vintage fabrics to create fabulous one-of-a kind and limited edition clutches. I went bananas (er, banana leaves) over this banana leaf clutch called The Teggy (after my friend Teggy French!). But I’m also eyeing one of the citrus clutches made with Schumacher’s iconic Citrus Garden fabric. Which of these limited-edition clutches is your favorite?

  The caftan is vintage from one of my favorite vintage clothing stores in Palm Springs. I’ll link similar ones below…

And of course, my favorite most comfortable heels I’ve ever owned, these Penny Knot Sandals by Loeffler Randall.



Are You Still Shopping These Days?


Are you guys still shopping for fashion and accessories these days? Or have you shifted mostly to essentials? Or home décor because we are all nesting?


 Supporting Small Businesses


I know it’s a strange time, but if you’re able to, please do consider supporting small businesses and women-owned businesses (like Garland Bags and Vonbloom).They are really struggling right now. There are many more of course, like my faves Persifor, Katie Kime and Sail to Sable.


 Thank You


Okay, hope you’re doing well today and as always, I so appreciate you being here and reading. Stay well xo.









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