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I have a few addictions and the one I’m willing to talk about today is art. In addition to selling our own prints, I’m also…let’s say…a collector of art (re: every inch of our garage walls is covered in art). So, while art is the last thing I need, I can’t help myself. I’m working on a new happy, colorful gallery wall for our entryway now so thought I’d share some recent favorites.


Faves for a happy, colorful gallery wall:

1. Tropical Green Wall Art II (similar here)
2. Pink by Dafy Hagai
3. Hello Canvas Wall Art
4. Pink Door by Kelly + Fred
5. Number 18 by Marleigh Culver (s/o but similar here)
6. Omer by Dafy Hagai
7. J’Adore Wall Art
8. Pink White Stripe by Leslee Mitchell
9. Tropical Green Wall Art I (similar here)
10. Handroanthus Impetiginosus in Bloom by Marc Gabor

Why It Works:

These work together because the colors all relate to one another: pinks, yellows, blues, greens. There’s also a lot of white, both with the frames, matting and art itself. And the two black frames work because there’s black in the Hello canvas art. It also makes for a more dynamic gallery wall when you mix mediums — photography, paintings, etc.


Do you love art too? And gallery walls? My next challenge is to figure out how to incorporate family photos into our decor stylishly. Any tips?



p.s. If you’d like me to do more of these posts, just say the word, as they are really fun for me to put together and they also help me to not buy everything I find. Also, the pink sofa is from Article.

p.p.s. You may also enjoy…How To Hang a Gallery Wall.

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