One Month With Odee

Striped Sequin Skirt: Perfect for the Holidays!

Hello, friends! How’s your Tuesday treating you? We’re having a bit of a cold front and I could not love it more. Odee and I have been soaking it up! While I love the warmth, there’s nothing quite like a bracing crisp and sunny day. Cue the snuggles! On Friday, we celebrated one month with Odee! Can you believe it? We couldn’t it — it’s flown by. And she’s grown so much! Here’s a peek…

Puppy Monthly Photos: Kelly Golightly's dog Odee Golightly.

I know these photos aren’t exactly at the same angle (have you ever tried to get a puppy to sit in the same exact spot?), but if she looks bigger to you, it’s because she is.

Odee the Cockapoo at 15 weeks!

We can’t believe how big our little bear monster has gotten!

Best Puppy Photos: Sweet Odee Golightly

When we first got her at 11 weeks, she weighed 7.05 lbs. At 15 weeks, she’s now 10.5 lbs!

Puppy Love: Odee Golightly the Cockapoo

She’s gotten so tall too!

My sweet teddy bear puppy Odee Golightly at 15 weeks!

When she stands up in her play pen, now her paws go OVER the edge. She’s so close being able to jump out. We’re SO not prepared for that.

Puppy Love: Odee Golightly the Cockapoo

What are we prepared for? She gets her last puppy shots on Friday, which means we’ll finally be able to take her on walks and outside of the house and car! She has a lot of friends to meet — furry and otherwise. 🙂

Peekaboo! Odee Golightly the Cockapoo sees you!

Can’t wait!

Our puppy Odee Golightly walking on her back legs!

And clearly neither can she!


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