Got $.99? Here's a Genius Gift Idea!


So you guys know my boyfriend Andy Spade, right? His clever shop Partners & Spade is offering a really cool and cheeky Christmas present for a mere $.99. For less than a buck, they’ll send you (or your lucky gift recipient) a polaroid of “any over-priced product” in their store (packaging included!). Genius, right? Details here.

Or, make this idea your own by printing out fantasy gifts for your loved ones (or tear things out of magazine…or snap photos of things you want to give…or, if you’re really artsy, you could even draw them!). Think anything from those dazzling Louboutins for your bestie to a private island for your lovie. The options are endless.


I love this idea, how about you? Would you want to give or receive a gift like this? I know I would!



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