Fred Moser Photography at Desert Eichler

Fred Moser Photography hangs at the Desert Eichler House | Kelly Golightly

We’re counting down the hours until the Mad Men Mixer at the Desert Eichler House, where Fred Moser Photography will be gracing the walls. Here’s a peek for those who can’t make it to Palm Springs.

 Fred Moser Photography

Much more coming soon.

Giant swan pool float | Art by Fred Moser x Kelly Golightly

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3 thoughts on “Fred Moser Photography at Desert Eichler

  1. Liz

    Beautiful pictures…looking forward to seeing Fred Moser photos in my inbox every day!!!
    You two make a fantastic team!!!

  2. Sheri Shay

    Truly a new and fabulous twist on an original Slim Aarons. Great job Mr. Fred Moser. Lovely and beautiful Ms.Kelly. Lucky enough to see them at the Eichler Mad Men Mixer.
    Sheri Shay


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