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I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers…and bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils. Especially now, as our weather has finally cooled down! I’m feeling cozy and in the mood for my annual autumnal viewing of You’ve Got Mail. Which got me to thinking about Meg Ryan’s character Kathleen Kelly’s style.

Kathleen Kelly’s Style

Kathleen Kelly’s timeless, classic, feminine style just so happens to coincide with a few fall fashion favorites I’m loving and fall trends such as sweater vests and detachable collars.

I also love the classic, feminine ladylike details of bows, hearts, gingham, and navy — always navy — and feel like this is something a modern day Kathleen Kelly might wear while bopping around the bookstore The Shop Around the Corner or the Big Apple with Joe Fox… F-O-X.


How to Get Kathleen Kelly’s Look from You’ve Got Mail Style


Collars were big in Kathleen Kelly’s world — pilgrim collars, Peter Pan collars, prairie collars — which are huge this fall season as well. I love that you can add detachable collars to your sweaters and tops.

In fact, the way this sweet bow sweater vest is styled here is with a removable collar as well.

Kathleen Kelly also loved her cardigans, and it doesn’t get any sweeter than this cherry-print cardigan.

Do you have a favorite set or piece?





Are you a You’ve Got Mail devotee too?

I watch it every autumn and it gives me all the cozy, charming feels.

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