Kelly Golightly and Fred Baby recreate You've Got Mail Halloween Costumes


Looking for a cute couples costume? If you’re a huge Nora Ephron fan like I am, these You’ve Got Mail Halloween costumes might be for you! Here’s how to get the look of Kathleen Kelly, Joe Fox F-O-X and Brinkley.


You've Got Mail Halloween Costumes worn by Kelly Golightly and Fred Baby

Kathleen Kelly’s style is classic, simple and feminine. A little cardigan, a pleated skirt, ballet flats — you can wear this as easily now (NOT as a costume) as in 1998.


You've Got Mail Costumes by Kelly Golightly


Joe Fox’s look is simple and pretty classic too — khaki pants, a polo shirt and a suede bomber.



Meg Ryan Halloween Costumes by Kelly Golightly

For Odee, I wanted her to have the feel of New York City, so when I saw this taxi cab costume for dogs, I had to get it.




Meg Ryan Halloween Costume as Kathleen Kelley in You've Got Mail worn by Kelly Golightly




I also had this sleeveless tweed dress in my closet already (old Sail to Sable), which reminded me of another outfit Kathleen Kelly wears in The Shop Around the Corner.


Kathleen Kelly Costume from You've Got Mail on Kelly Golightly

Meg Ryan Halloween Costume as Kathleen Kelley in You’ve Got Mail 


Here’s where to get the look:

sleeveless tweed dress | white button down | dark tights | blond wig


You've Got Mail Costumes for Halloween



What do you think? Are you a huge You’ve Got Mail fan too? I rewatch it at least once every fall. It just feels so cozy and is one of my Top 10 Favorite Romantic Comedies.

Do you have any suggestions of what we should dress up as this year for Halloween?

What will you be dressing up as? I’d love to know in the comments!

p.s. Don’t we look HID-E-OUS in our wigs?! We couldn’t stop laughing at each other. Funnily enough, we swapped wigs and I looked better in the black curly wig and Fred Baby looked better as a blonde.


Shop You’ve Got Mail Halloween Costumes

Kathleen Kelly blond wig | grey camisole | grey cardigan | grey pleated skirt | two-tone ballet flats

 Joe Fox black curly wig | bomber jacket (in brown suede, faux suede, fleece & corduroy) | khaki pants | green polo shirt

Brinkley dog taxi cab costume

p.s. Isn’t Odee as Brinkley too cute for words?


You’ve Got Mail Halloween Costumes



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