It’s becoming more and more rare that we literally swoon when we see something amazing in the fashion and design world. Jaded? No. Simply overexposed, is all.
So it was with great joy when we stumbled upon Hong Kong-based jewelry designer YellowGoat.
Remember how you would carry around pictures in your wallet circa middle school? And then everyone started toting all their pics on their iPhones? Cool, but way less sweet. We’ve just found our new favorite way — with the Good Time Ring. A small photo frame you can wear on your finger, put any photo you want in, a la a locket.
A deal at less than $80, considering the handmade nature and awesomeness, you can also get in on the fun for a version that will only set you back $15.
A delightful gift for sure.
Speaking of delights, be sure to scope out the other amazing designs, including the Keepsake Box Ring, A Perfect Match Necklace, the Sugar and Spice Necklace and the Objectification line, where our fave object is, of course, the suitcase.
There’s even a cool Cloud 9 Headband and a bangle shaped out of gentleman’s shirt collar.
Fall in love with YellowGoat here.

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