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Good morning from London! Hope you had a great weekend. We made it across the pond in one piece. Lay-flat seats helped a lot, thank you to my darling Fred Baby for that surprise! You should have seen my face when we boarded the plane and he stopped in business class and turned to me and asked, “How would you like these seats instead?” “I’d like ‘em, I’d like ‘em a lot!” I felt like Carrie in SATC the movie when Mr. Big showed her their future home and closet and said “It’s yours.” Seriously, that guy’s my hero. (FB, not Mr. Big!)

Other than a short flight to Texas, I haven’t really flown since this and I was having some anxiety about it, so it was also a huge relief. We basically ate, watched two movies, fell asleep and woke up in London Town. Easiest flight ever. Now I just have to figure out a way to fly like that always. #challengeaccepted

We’ve spent the weekend in a jet-lagged haze trying to adjust to local time. Man, flying East always kicks my butt. Do you have any tips for getting over jet lag? Drugs? Hugs?

I felt like such a California girl on day one when we arrived and it was pouring rain and I realized I only packed sandals. In my mind (and reality) it never rains and it’s always sunny. Luckily London’s a great town for shopping (danger, danger), so that was remedied fast. Apparently Friday got as much rain in one day than they normally get in a month!


Saturday was blissfully sunny so we tempted fate with our lives by hopping on city bikes, an idea that is super fun in theory but in reality maybe isn’t so great on the first day of summer vacation for everyone here. Your choices: Option A) Contend with the double decker buses overtaking you. Or, B) Make your way through the throngs of tourists on the sidewalk. After battling both, and then biking through a protest which we couldn’t tell if it was pro or anti-ISIS, I melted down like a toddler missing her tiara. #notproud #sorrylondon #itsnotmeitsyou #kidding


Sunday was rainy again and perfect for popping over to the National Portrait Gallery for the Audrey Hepburn exhibit. We picked up this book, which I’m excited to read.

But Piccadilly was a little too packed for our blood, so we checked out of our hotel — where the highlight was seeing our friend Gray Malin’s art in the lobby, in our room, and on the key cards — and headed over to Notting Hill.

Notting Hill was my favorite neighborhood in London when we visited last time (miss you Joy + BonBon!), and I always thought it would be fun to live in one of the charming flats, so I’m excited to get a taste of what that would be like by renting an apartment here for a few days. Talk about charm central! The colorful buildings, the cute little shops, and having a beautiful place to cozy up when it’s raining can’t be beat.

We’ve pretty much learned that if you’re going to be in a city for three days or more, and particularly if there’ s weather (so anywhere other than LA), renting an apartment is the way to go. It’s just so much more relaxing when you can spread out, cook, do laundry and live like a local.

Actually our travel rhythm usually goes something like this: hotel for 2-3 days, apartment for 5 days, hotel for 2-3 days, apartment for 5 days. Then you get the best of both worlds. But in cities is where we prefer to rent the apartments because hotel rooms tend to be so small. Even when you’re nicely upgraded to a suite, it doesn’t compare to having a whole apartment. Then, when we head into the countryside or resort-y areas, it’s fun to stay at hotels and have all the amenities like languorous beautiful brunches brought to you. Do you find the same?

Okay, it looks like the sun is starting to peek out, so I’m heading out to explore more of Notting Hill. Cheers to a great week + colorful adventures!

Photos from my Instagram + Fred Baby’s Instagram, where you can follow more of our trip!

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