Grandpa (just kidding - photo via My Parents Were Awesome)

I don’t know about you, but I seem to get the question ‘Where are you from?’ a lot. Normally the inquirer presumes a foreign country and is a little confused when I reply “My parents are from Ohio?” Often said inquirer guesses Eastern Europe, France, Poland, even Spain (that usually only happens when I have on hoop earrings, with my hair pulled back —  go figure). So playing the Ohio card amuses me to no end (and as someone who’s as American as chocolate milkshakes and cupcakes), it’s always fun for someone to think I’m from somewhere much more exotic (to me, anyway).

But lately, due in large part to watching the new show Who Do You Think You Are, I’ve become more curious. We know my Dad’s grandfather came from Greece, but the rest of the lot? Mostly a guess. So, armed with a new membership and a few names gathered from my parents, I set to finding out. And it’s been interesting indeed. If you saw Who Do You Think You Are, in the episode with Sarah Jessica Parker, she and her brother presume they are more recent immigrants to the U.S. She was shocked to find out that wasn’t the case. I, too, assumed we were likely more recent transplants and was amazed that with only a few names and tidbits of information, I was able to track my Mom’s Dad’s side back to the 1700s. In Germany. My German-born husband was so proud. All kidding aside, it really is fun, especially for those of us who really have no idea, no family tree. Do you know where your family is from? Do you care? I’d love to know your thoughts…

If I ever complete my family tree, I’d love to have one of these pretty modern My Tree and Me family trees made. Aren’t they fun?

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