Today’s post is a random assortment of links to things I’ve discovered, like where to order toilet paper online (truly!) to the funniest new show on TV, plus fun reads from around the web. Hope you enjoy 15 links for your mind, body and soul — and your toosh!





1. If you get a subscription to Masterclass, you can also share a pass with a friend! Our sweet friends Kim & Andre gifted us a subscription and I can’t wait to watch Kelly Wearstler’s Masterclass and Anna Wintour’s MasterClass. Have any others you’d recommend?

2. Read anything good lately? I just finished Jessica Simpson’s book, Open Book, on audible, which is juicy to say the least. Next up: Gary Janetti’s book Do You Mind If I Cancel? and Maybe You Should Talk To Someone: A Therapist, HER Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed.




3. Need TP? I was able to order toilet paper online here and here. Bonus: Both are earth-friendly.

4. My daily breakfast of oatmeal with bananas was missing something…nuts! I was able to stock up on walnuts, almonds and all the nuts my heart desired here. Also, you can get Certified Gluten Free nuts, which are surprisingly hard to find. They also have pantry staples too, like beans, rice and grains.

5. The best beauty product under $10 hands-down for hydrating your skin. It’s also clean and gluten-free.

6. I also use this squalene moisturizer beforehand and it feels so cooling and soothing. I just ordered this raved about clean sunscreen, hope it lives up to the hype.  

7. Quarantine outfits inspired by rom-coms.

8. Perhaps the most stylish office chair I’ve ever seen.

9. Have I lost my mind or are these strawberry Crocs adorable?




10. Have you seen Paris Can Wait? This cute movie transports you from the South of France to Paris with Diane Lane. Think of it as the French version of Under the Tuscan Sun.

11. 8 feel-good movies you should watch, according to Nancy Meyers.  

12. The funniest TV show I’ve watched in ages. Have you seen it?

13. Cute date night at home ideas.

14. What’s the best meal you’ve ever had? Ours was at Da Gelsomina in Capri, the restaurant so nice we ate there twice — in one day!

15. Listen to any good podcasts lately? Life Is Short with Justin Long is a new-to-me podcast I’ve been enjoying. Justin hosts with his brother Christian and while their interviews with celebrities are good, it’s the relationship between the two brothers that I find so endearing.





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