Confession: We had no idea J. Peterman was a real company. We simply thought Elaine wrote wacky copy for the Jackie (or is it Joan?) Collins of catalogs on Seinfeld, a figment of Larry David’s brilliant imagination. But serendipitously, while watching Seinfeld re-runs and reading Amy Merrick’s Living In column, we discovered J. Peterman was the real deal.

See, you do learn things while watching television. And even more reading Wikipedia (could all of this be true?).

While most things cost way more than we’re willing to part with ($500 for three picnic baskets posing as nesting hampers – um, great idea though to find them at yard sales and use them for cute storage!), there’s a great Last Chance Department where you can snag some unique finds on sale for really good prices — up to 78% off new arrivals. The vibe? Think Hemingway meets Anthropologie.

For instance? This gorgeous, romantic 1930’s vintage black dress that was originally $198 and is now $72. To steal a fruity phrase from Rachel Zoe, bananas.  Ditto the classic square neck black dress, which will let your Audrey Hepburn fantasies come true, originally $169, now $52.

And if you’re interested in hopping on Karl Lagerfeld’s clog bandwagon (which we’re considering more and more each day), these tartan plaid clogs are, to borrow a phrase from Guiliana, amazeballs.

At the very least, it’s worth clicking on over to read the hysterical copy (love it).

Where to get a deal and a laugh?

Right here.

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