Looking for an incredibly easy, wallet-friendly way to add a lively jolt to your existing wardrobe, particularly those LBDs?
Do as we saw a super-chic French girl do and toss on a pair of hot pink tights. Worn with a conservative black or neutral dress and topped off with a darling trench and knee-high boots, the look read playful and elegant, instead of costumey and comical (the look is equally fab with pumps, ankle boots and even ballet flats).
We’re obsessed with the mustard hue, too. And think the green and bright orange would complete the rainbow that’s sorely missing in our closets (and for those of you thinking this look is purely for the Gossip Girl demographic, we spotted too many chic women to count who were more in the Dynasty demo rocking playful tights in Paris as well — and let’s face it, French women do know style).
Luckily, we let our fingers do the hunting (in person, the tights we found were at least $40/pop) and unearthed theses gems for less than 10 clams a piece. At that rate, we won’t cry when some well-meaning pooch inevitably snags them.
Ready for a jolt?
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