what is love?

This weekend I attended my dear friend Chrystina’s wedding. During it the celebrant asked: “What is love?” Various answers came from guests seated in the pews. “Joy,” said one woman. “Grace,” chimed in another. “Someone you can put up with,” said a younger gentleman, which elicited chuckles.

Why I didn’t share my answer aloud with the crowd, the word that kept coming to mind for me, repeatedly, was “freedom.”

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Freedom to be yourself. Freedom to chase your dreams. Freedom to create and live the life you’ve always wanted.

I know many people don’t associate marriage or committed relationships with freedom (who can blame them with stereotypes like “ball and chain” floating around and perpetuated by poorly written sitcoms and movies), but love should feel one billion percent like freedom.

love bracelet

Thank you to my darling Fred Baby for giving me that gift. And for being the one I yearn to run free with every day.

Now, I’d love to hear your thoughts: What is love?


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Photo by Fred Baby

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