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Yesterday I shared how I healed from Hashimoto’s— and how I continue to heal my digestive issues and more. A HUGE part of that is the AIP diet. But it can be confusing. So today I wanted to share the resources I rely on + what you CAN eat on AIP.

AIP 101: What You Can Eat on AIP

First things first, diet is a bit of a misnomer. AIP stands for Auto Immune Protocol. AIP is not about losing weight. It’s about tempering down inflammation and healing your gut.

For instance, on AIP I finally gained weight, which I needed to do (I was down to 95 lbs and looked sickly). Fred Baby, on the other hand, lost 30 lbs in 6 weeks, which is what his body needed. It’s getting rid of inflammation in your body and healing your leaky gut so that you absorb nutrients properly, so you feel your best.

Note: Fred Baby does NOT have an autoimmune disease but did AIP with me and continues to eat the way I do because he is THE BEST HUMAN EVER. However, before AIP he would have chronic bronchitis (like 4 x a year to point of passing out — it got scary!). Since AIP, he has had ZERO cases of bronchitis or sinus infections. SO AIP helps those who don’t even have autoimmune diseases as well.

Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

So…What CAN you eat on AIP?

I reference Paleo Mom’s handy chart for the answers.

What Can I Eat on AIP?

Above are all the foods that you CAN eat. And it is SO important to focus on that.

Note: Everybody is different, so there still may be foods on this list that you personally don’t tolerate well (for instance, I can’t tolerate bananas or coconut).

What You CAN'T eat on AIP

These are the things you CAN’T eat on AIP.

While it’s very important to know them, really focus on what you CAN eat and how eating that way will make you feel healthier and more vibrant.

NOTE: Read labels VERY carefully. I’ll likely save this for a separate post, but the labeling laws in our country are horrific and should be illegal. You really want to avoid most things in a package and just eat whole, real foods — nothing processed. You don’t want to go buy a bunch of gluten-free products, as most of them are filled with yucky inflammatory ingredients. Yes, I’ll make this a separate post because I’m getting worked up about it now!

AIP should be temporary.

The goal is to get to a point of healing and then slowly reintroduce foods (for instance I can now have and tolerate white rice and nuts, but it took me a long time to do so). More on that below!

FYI: You never reintroduce gluten (and for many of us, corn and dairy are never tolerated either). There’s no 80/20 rule with gluten. You have to cut it out 100%. But most other foods can be reintroduced.

Julie's Kitchen Food Collages

There’s a lot of info out there and it can be overwhelming. So I wanted to share the sources that have helped me the most with healing my autoimmune Hashimoto’s thyroid problems + where to learn more about AIP.


Dr. K News

The Paleo Mom

Wellness Mama

Thyroid Pharmacist

Autoimmune Wellness

Specific articles that are helpful:

What is AIP?

How do I reintroduce food on the AIP Diet?

What can I eat on the AIP Diet?

What food can’t I eat on the AIP Diet?

Why isn’t the AIP Diet working for me?

Do you have any resources you’d like to add?

Beautiful food collages by Julie’s Kitchen! Prints available here.

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