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Gumdrops, I’m hoping you’ll help me pick something to wear tonight to host the Directives West First.LA runway show! I love when my friends text/email me photos asking what they should wear to interviews/parties/etc., so I was hoping to turn the tables and get your help. Will you help me out and play favorites?

Do you like look #1 by Whitney Port and Skies Are Blue? You probably already know Whitney Port’s Whitney Eve line, but this top is from her new Whitney Port line and I’m loving it. The skirt is by Skies Are Blue,  a brand new line that I’m so excited about, especially because the price point is in the H&M/Zara territory (hooray for my wallet!). So, ladylike and neon — you like?  Or, do you prefer look #2 — an adorable sailor dress by Skies Are Blue? The sailboat print, Peter Pan collar and salmon hue add up to cute overload. (It also feels very Alexa Chung to me, who I love.) Do you like it, too?


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The dress in look #3 is by a label called Again (with the top by Whitney Port). Black and white stripes are definitely in my wheelhouse, but long and tight normally aren’t. Sometimes it’s good to try new things, but what do you think? Look #4 is also by Skies Are Blue. I love the giant bow, but my husband thinks it makes my tatas look droopy (ha, what tatas?!)! I love the sweet vintage vibe and it’s also super comfy, but it might just be a man repeller dress! Look #5 is by Dolan. I adore the black and white stripes, and love the floaty, comfy fit.

So my dears, which dress do you think is worthy of sitting in the front row?

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p.s. Feel free to elaborate in the comments, if you’d like!

p.p.s. What do you think my co-host Kristen Turner should wear?


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