My dears, I hope you’re enjoying a lovely three-day weekend in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I just wanted to quickly pop in and dish about the Golden Globes (did you watch?). The Golden Globes are held at the Beverly Hilton, which is right down the road from where we live, so we decided to play tourist in our own city and skedaddle over and see what we could see. What fun we had! Won’t you join me for a stroll down Santa Monica Boulevard memory lane?



First, it was a glorious day weekend. Bright sunshiney and 80 degrees (in January!). It even warranted a sunhat. And froyo (of course!). And this cute and super comfy dress that the lovely folks at Three Dots sent me from their resort collection ended up being my BFF (breezy, flirty, fun!).


Three Dots Clothing; Golden Globes fashion


Diamonds and a tiara just felt like too much, so I opted for metallic flat sandals and silver glitter nail polish instead.



Here’s the Beverly Hilton, where the Golden Globes are held every year.



At around 2pm, a good little crowd was forming. Cute little kids (and some adults) were chanting “roll down your windows” as the limos and fancy cars lined up and drove by.



One kid asked his Mom “are those just normal people” when he didn’t recognize the limo-dwellers as celebrities, which made me laugh.



Many of them were “normal people,” many of them didn’t roll down their windows so the crowd could see, but quite a few did.


leonard from big bang theory; golden globes;


Like Johnny Galecki who plays Leonard on The Big Bang Theory, one of our favorite shows (we’re such dorks!).



Do you recognize this arm? We didn’t either until we watched the Golden Globes on TV — it’s Temple Grandin!



If you’re wondering why that limo line is so long, these photos will help explain why.



Each car is inspected big time, with mirrors under the car and even some drivers having to get out for a pat-down (inspect her gadgets).  We expected glamour, naturally…



And your fair share of helicopters hovering overhead…



But the amount of security was really surprising. The snipers on the roof really shocked us.



Especially since their guns were pointed right at us (eeek!).



Of course, with crazies out protesting (and ironic anti-protesters too), you can never be too careful .



LA is anything but boring.



Especially when it comes to fashion (though these little girls with the furry boots were from Idaho!).



It was getting hot (a good problem to have in January indeed) and we had walked a lot (in the end, five miles!), so we enjoyed some fresh lemonade before venturing back home to watch the Globes on TV.



Along the way, we spotted our initials…



And even a rainbow in a fountain.



It felt a little magical. And a little Miami too with the pinkish-purple sunset and palm trees.



Thanks for coming along!


[Photos by kellygolightly]

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