When it comes to bags, we don’t like anything that’s too precious. Correction: We like many a precious bag, but we never carry the delicate ones. We need bags we can toss around, not be afraid to set down in a taxi or a subway or a desert. For more than a few years we’ve happily abused the pants off of Alena Hennessy’s totes and it’s amazing how well they’ve held up. But it’s time for something new.

Instead of browsing our fave department stores, we’re browsing hardware stores instead.

Why? Klein tool bags are so beyond cute, with a cool nautical vibe, and are rugged enough for those whose main accessory is usually a tool belt.

From cute little change purses for $12 to larger everyday totes that will cost you less than $50, you’ll be sure to find something you love. Leather bags available too (under $200), though we’re partial to canvas.

Watch out L.L. Bean.

Click here to see them all.



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