Purple reign.


I cheated. And it wasn’t the first time. I swapped a white Mint Jodi Arnold dress for a black turtleneck (mormons mountains are my weakness) and I swapped another piece of clothing for this black dress. Notice how I was vague? Another piece of clothing. I haven’t worn two pieces yet (a white blouse and another black dress, so I’m not sure which piece this black dress replaces), but I insisted on wearing it on the airplane to Salt Lake City last week, so it’s officially an Ultimate Wardrobe item.



Fit to be tied.


Then, I paired it with brown boots and two cardigans (it’s so le burrr on planes, is it not?); this time purple tights and these really groovy handmade shoes by Mohop. You can swap out the ribbons and tie them all sorts of different ways. I’ll have to demonstrate in future posts.


The floral of the story.


All this darkness needed some balance, so I threw on these flower earrings ( I believe they’re by Luka Designs). I haven’t worn them in ages, partly due to the fact that all my jewelry was safely stored away in a secret location while we were traveling about for the past year. And partly due to the fact that even when I have access to my jewels, I end up wearing the same three pairs of earrings (you too?). This challenge really forces you to use so many more accessories, to combat your own boredom and as not to bore you, dear readers.

Style Recipe:

Dress: Necessary Objects

Tights: Urban Outfitters

Earrings: Luka Designs (gifted)

Shoes: Mohop (gifted)

Bag: Luxgirl (gifted)



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