What does love make you think of? For me, Breakfast at Tiffany’s always pops to mind. I love Audrey Hepburn, I love the film and I double love that my Valentine and I fell in love with this film while watching it in our very early days of courtship. Inspired by that, and by this fantastic Living In column by Amy Merrick on Design*Sponge, I thought I’d put together a mini Breakfast at Tiffany’s roundup.

[ clockwise from top, l-r: Holly Golightly Dress – the perfect LBD custom-made for you; Holly Golightly Sleep Mask — the chicest way to shut out the world; Holly Golightly Blue Tassel Earplugs — to keep the noise out, daaahling; Bath Tub Couch — because dreams can come true, in 4-6 weeks ]

Thinking of something someone loves, whether a movie, book, country or hobby is always a great hopping off point for gift giving. What Breakfast at Tiffany’s fan wouldn’t love items inspired by the movie?

[ Vintage Olivetti Valentine Typewriter — because, like Fred, er…Paul, you too are a writer and would be inspired by a gorgeous vintage typewriter; Multi-Strand Bow Necklace — a modern update on the classic multi-strand pearls; Audrey Hepburn Collection (Breakfast at Tiffany’s / Roman Holiday / Sabrina) — the movie, of course, plus a few more romantic classics for your viewing pleasure; Tiffany Earrings — for obvious reasons; Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Essential Penguin) — the book that started it all; Washburn Banjo, 5 String — for when you’re inspired to strum Moon River; Pink Studio Gypsy Ballet Flats — because Holly and Audrey made ballet flats chic; Breakfast at Tiffany’s Paintings — the sweetest art to commemorate your BaT love ]

Not only is a themed gift like this great to get, but it’s so much fun to give. For a wedding gift, we once had a blast finding Roman delights for friends who were spending their honeymoon in Rome (think Roman Holiday, books on Rome, Italian wine,  all wrapped in paper with a vintage world map and topped off with a card with a Vespa on the front).

Every couple seems to have a song. If you and your guy have a movie, get inspired by all of the great Living In posts here. Or maybe you share a love of Paris? Or of camping. Maybe he adores a certain book. Hunt down a first edition. Give a writer a fabulous pen and journal, or a coveted vintage typewriter. Maybe photography’s his passion? A vintage or silly, fun camera would be cute. Just showing the one you love (or kinda like a lot) that you know them, will melt his/her heart.

What’s your movie?

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