Area with open ceiling and a cradle for the Unpublished House Photos


Happy Monday, friends! I was going through old photos for a few projects I’m working on and came across a bunch of unpublished photos of our house renovation. Thought I’d share them, in case you’re in a decorating mood.

A heads up for anyone new: Our house was selected as the Modernism Week Showhouse in 2017 (a.k.a. The Christopher Kennedy Compound).

Here are the before photos from when we bought the house in 2016. And here below are the after photos once the 20+ amazing designers worked their magic!

You can also see more photos from when our home, which we affectionately call Villa Golightly, was published in Traditional Home magazine here.

You can view them on their website here: our home published in Traditional Home magazine

Unpublished House Photos

Above photo: This is the Atrium designed  by Cynthia Spence

powder room with pink walls and flowers below the sink

This is our Powder Room designed by Keith Fortner for Christopher Kennedy Design. Gah – I love it so!

I love the nod to Hollywood Regency with the lacquered vanity, floral lights, Phillip Jeffries wallpaper and that show-stopping AlysEdwards tile. Isn’t that stainless steel inlay incredible?

Also, you can catch in the reflection of the mirror a portrait of Marilyn Monroe shot by Milton Greene.

a side in the bedroom with two chairs and a center table


 This is the Main Bedroom designed by Trellis Home.


a side in the main bedroom with furniture, white wall, and an accent wall

I’m gaga for all the white and blue, the nod to Hollywood Regency, and how glamorous yet still serene and bright this room is.


two blue and white chairs and a center table for the Unpublished House Photos


The cockatoo wallpaper and fabric is by Florence Broadhurst.


foot stool, fireplace, and other wall decor for the Unpublished House Photos

 We’ve been watching a lot of HGTV’s Rock the Block (the finale is tonight!) so we’ve been discussing which things we’re glad we spent on and saved on, what we would change, etc.

One of the things we are super happy we splurged on was the marble flooring. We contemplated doing porcelain that looked like marble and, for us, we’re really glad we didn’t, as the marble will stand the test of time. It also hides dirt surprisingly well — in a good way!


glass table and metal chair facing the window

Blue and white, such a classic delight!


bric-a-brac, mugs, and frames on the open shelves for the bric-a-brac


Let’s step into the Main Bath designed by Maya Williams.


open wall shelves with bric-a-brack and liquor on the table


This is the previously unpublished bar area. There’s a wine fridge below the counter you see here, which makes us feel like we’re on vacation at some fancy resort. Thank you for that Maya!


formal living room for the unpublished house photos with wood and gold accent furniture


This is the Formal Living Room designed by Barclay Butera.


furniture with gold and wood accent for the formal living room unpublished house photos


I love that it has a classic Hollywood vibe, mixing handsome with glamorous.


formal living room with l-type couch, wood coffee table, and chandelier


We love this space, but since it’s part of my job to create content, we are starting a mini makeover of this room, so stay tuned.


l-type couch, coffee table, and center table furniture in the formal living room


I’m glad I have these photos here to remember it staged perfectly forever. Thank you Barclay!


dining room with dining table, chairs, and chandelier


 This is the Dining Room that Christopher Kennedy designed.


two dining room chairs in green, two extra chairs, a painting, and chandelier

So much color and pattern, I love it!


kitchen with furniture and appliances, macaroons, and tea on the counter


 Here’s the Kitchen designed by Kelli Ellis.



macaroons on the kitchen island, gold pineapple decorations, and a chandelier


White, gold, pretty and bold! I love the marble sink.


oven and the vents for the unpublished house photos

And I also love the custom hood that Kelli designed.

Functionally, for anyone building or renovating a kitchen and you have the room and/or option, we have two dishwashers and it just may be my favorite thing in the world. Even as just two people living here, we use them all the time. And of course, anytime we entertain, it makes clean up much simpler.

We also have two side by side refrigerators and freezers and since we cook all of our meals, we use them all of the time too. You know you  and your family’s needs best, so definitely advocate for what’s important to you when remodeling. We got some side eye and push back (though never from Kelli or Christopher!) and I’m glad Fred Baby advocated for what was important to us.


poolside with two lounge chairs in blue and a pool umbrella


Finally, this is the Pool Area designed by Gray Malin.

 I love how he channeled the same charmed living he captures in his photography in this idyllic outdoor space. The umbrella is from Gray Malin’s collection for Santa Barbara Designs.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite room or space? I’d love to know!

p.s. Anyone watching Rock the Block? If so, who are you rooting for? I’m Team Nate & Jeremiah (always!).

Photos by Molly + Co and Fred Moser


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