Last night while getting dressed for dinner, I realized I was totally channeling Chuck Bass with my salmon pink Ralph Lauren button-down, navy blazer, dark plaid skirt and green-and-black chevron patterned scarf. This amused me to no end, as it was completely unintentional, but he is my favorite Gossip Girl character and the one with the most interesting style.
Deciding we were too tired to actually go out for dinner but needing to run an errand in the cold San Francisco night nonetheless, I traded my skirt for some Cheap Monday skinnies and instantly fell over laughing as I realized I looked exactly like a Jonas brother.
My point? You sometimes don’t even realize who you’re influenced by.
Lucky for us, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen put a little bit more thought into who their influences are, and sat down and interviewed their fave designers and artists (Diane von Furstenberg, Karl Lagerfeld, Lauren Hutton, Christian Louboutin, among others) in their new coffee table tome Influence.
At a time where we could all use a little inspiration, the book couldn’t be more perfect.
Mary Kate and Ashley’s mission? To inspire you to follow your passion and do what brings you happiness.
A fab gift for the holidays or for this exact moment, snag your copy here.

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