How do you celebrate Christmas or the Holidays with your family? Does everyone exchange gifts or do you do Secret Santa or a White Elephant gift exchange? Here’s the new way we’re celebrating + 60 Gifts Under $15!

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How We Used To Celebrate Christmas

Growing up, my parents always showered my sister and me with lots of gifts. It makes Christmas super fun as a kid, doesn’t it? No complaints here! Those were some magical mornings.

 And while we continued that tradition well into adulthood probably for longer than we should have (again, no complaints – haha), once my niece Kaylee came along, we started to do things differently.

In an attempt to get things under control, the past few years we’ve started doing Secret Santa. Everyone draws a name and then you buy a gift for the name you drew. I think we did a $50 spending limit.

The New Way We’re Celebrating Christmas This Year

But to shake things up this year, we’re going to try something new that my sister and Kaylee found online.

It’s called Switch, Steal, Unwrap Gift Exchange.

 Have you heard of it? Or do you do it?

 You can find the instructions here. 

Here’s How It Works:

– Each person buys three gifts.

– Each gift should cost no more than $10 each.

Find the full instructions and a free printable of the game here.

What’s tricky is that the gifts need to be able to appeal to guys, girls and (in our case) ages 13-60s.- 

 It’s not so easy!

 But I love a good challenge and had fun finding things that could fit the bill.

Gifts Under $15 

I thought I’d share my roundup for Gifts Under $15 in case you’re on the hunt for a similar gift exchange, whether it be office gifts for co-workers, Secret Santa, stocking stuffers, or what have you.

 If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear!

Likewise, if you have any traditions or family gift exchange ideas, I’m all ears!




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