Orange ya glad you match the painting?


I do declare the easiest way to change up your normal routine is to indulge in some creative legwear.


Orange slice and a wedge.


Who knew you could wear tights with summer wedges?


Does this bag make me look fat?


And let us not forget the accessories. A fab bag, ring and bracelet…


Within earshot.


And a little ear candy can go a long way…


What's white and blue and orange all over? Oh right. Me!


Let’s not forget the necklace…


Like a mug shot for feet.


Who are we kidding? These Home Depot-orange tights steal the spotlight. I just hope I shan’t be fined by the fashion police.

Style Recipe:

Tights: American Apparel

Shoes: LOFT Ann Taylor

Bag: Margaret Nicole

Shorts: Zara

Blazer: Urban Outfitters

Top: Etsy

Bracelet: Laurel Denise

Ring: J.Crew

Earrings: Erica Burns

Necklace: Vintage





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