I wear this dress whenever I can't remember my ABCs.


I picked this dress up a few years ago in San Francisco and then proceeded to never wear it. Until now. The Hubby loves it, even though he says the first thing he sees when he looks at me is the word ‘no.’ Hmmm…


C is for chevron.


These chevron tights pair well with the graphic nature of the dress. Or at least I think they do. How about you?


B is for bracelet.


Can you make out what the print says?


E is for ear candy.


The only spot of color in an otherwise black and white look.


T is for tights.


Note to self: Always wear black tights.


Black and white just feels right.


They really do make you look thinner. Winner, winner. Anything to look thinner.

Style Recipe:

Dress: H&M

Bracelet: Kate Spade

Tights: Urban Outfitters (?)

Shoes: Nine West

Earrings: Kristen McCloud


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