Wardrobe Challenge 15:30 project

Pink. For. Like. Ever.



Ultimate Wardrobe Challenge Day 1 called for a celebration. So I wore my brand new bubble gum pink ADAM dress (on sale at theoutnet.com, but more sizes are available at shopadam.com if you are interested — it also comes in black). Which I realize completely contradicts the Challenge, but what’s done is done.


Wardrobe Challenge 15:30; Orange Patent Leather J.Crew Shoes

Orange ya glad for patent leathah?



Feeling pretty darn colorful in pink, I figured why not add to the rainbow with some bright orange patent J.Crew peep-toe pumps (the only other time these babies have seen the light of day was when I wore them on The Martha Stewart Show and regaled Martha with the wonders of Booty Pop — which I am not wearing for the record). I just cut my cost-per-wear in half – brillz! Not wanting to blind you, I thought I’d ground the look with some black tights. Truth be told, I preferred navy, but on my way out the door to meet the adorable Joy of Oh Joy for lunch at The Griddle Cafe (Nutella French toast + a Steve Sanders sighting = Total Peach Pit moment), I noticed a tiny little run in my stockings by the ankle (yes, stockings. — welcome to 1954). So I swapped them out for these black beauties, which also have a run in them — but at least it’s hidden… for now).



wardrobe challenge 15:30 project; ADAM Lippes Dolman Sleeve Dress

Hello yellow.


Speaking of not wanting to blind you, my future was looking awfully bright (see aforementioned 90210 star sighting), hence the sunnies indoors. I mean really. Only d-bags and Anna Wintour can get away with that.


Wardrobe Challenge 15:30; Adam Lippes pink dress

I like me some puh-ink.


What goes best with pink and orange and black? Yellow, natch. The clutch is by Luxgirl (who no longer is in biz, for shame). Day 1 wrapped up with a stain on my brand new dress (of course), so a lil visit to the dry cleaner is in order before I debut this much pink again.

Warning: While one might suspect that pink would attract more attention from the ladies, it surprisingly attracts more from the fellas. Who knew? One such compliment-induced convo lead to some very exciting news (no, I’m not getting a second husband — this isn’t Big Love). Apparently the world’s largest rabbit is at the LA County Fair. World’s. Largest. Rabbit! Said gent informed me that the rabbit was as tall as me (could it be?). My love bunny (husband numero uno) says he’d rather cut off my left arm (hey, wait just a minute) than attend, so who’s in for Bunnies Gone Wild? What to wear to that? Hmmm…



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