Two for the Road

Did you have a lovely weekend, dolls? In addition to seeing Betty White (and Tina Fey & Co.) own it on SNL, talking to my Mom and Dad for the first time after their very first trip to Paris, catching up with old friends from New York who were in town for the weekend and seeing a mama bird and her darling tiny babies crossing the road after a beautiful sunny, windy hike in Indian Canyons, one of the weekend highlights was watching Two for the Road for the very first time.


I know, big  surprise that I would watch (and love) an Audrey Hepburn movie.



Despite Audrey’s hubby (in the movie) being a total cad, it’s fun to watch their European roadtrip adventure, the adventure of their marriage and the adventurous fashion choices — made even better by all the yummy vintage cars and lively dialogue (not to mention a very good message).



If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.



It certainly made my Favorite Movies list.



What’s your favorite movie ? My Netflix queue would really appreciate some inspiration!


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