We travel a lot and have learned, after years of trial and abundant error, that the cornerstone to a good wardrobe (other than easy-to-wear dresses) is a great tunic (or two, or three or four).

Cute tops with an ethnic aesthetic, tunics look just as casually global chic with cutoffs as they do with jeans, white pants, leggings or a skirt.

Though Tory Burch may have cornered the market on tunics, we’re not exactly always keen on spending hundreds of dollars for one of her creations (what if we spill our cupcakes?!).

So we were happier than Heidi Klum in leather to have stumbled upon Spool No. 72.

The new clothing company is committed to an unfussy approach to style and it shows, serving up so many tunics at just the price we want to pay (around 50 clams).

The only question now: Where to travel to next so we can wear them all?

Visit Spool No. 72 here to find your faves — and to be inspired.

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