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My dears, recently I was invited to attend a preview of the NARS fall line at the Soho House in West Hollywood with NARS founder Francois Nars (left) and Barney’s New York fashion director Amanda Brooks (right). And I’d love to share some photos and 411 with you! It should be said that all of us fashion and beauty bloggers were completely charmed by Francois. He was incredibly genuine, thoughtful, passionate and inspiring, and it’s no wonder that NARS is the incredible success that it is. I was also in awe of Amanda Brooks’ chicness. Don’t you love her romper (those sleeves!) and her bright lipstick (NARS, of course!)?



The evening began with me and a few of my fab fellow fashion and beauty bloggers sharing an elevator ride up to the penthouse with Dustin Hoffman, which let us know we were in for a truly unforgeattable night (he’s so cute and we were definitely giddy!). We were even more giddy after a few chocolate-covered strawberries and fruity drinks.


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Here are a few of my fashionable giddy comrades: Eileen Lee of La Lovetta, Kelsi Smith of Dedicated Follower of Fashion, and Kristen Turner of Glitter ‘n Glue.


francosi nars and amanda brooks at soho house west hollywood


During the intimate Q&A, Amanda revealed that she was normally a more natural girl when it came to makeup, not easily swayed by nail polish or color trends, but that every time she sees the NARS version of the “in” lip or nail color, she wants it immediately, as Francois gets it just right. I couldn’t agree more and have been converted from my former Chapstick-only ways over to NARS’ Funny Face lipstick. Amanda Brooks shared that she wears NARS matte lipstick exclusively, which is saying a lot since she has access to everything. Gray nail polish is meant to be big for fall and the sample of NARS’ Galion shade for fall that we received is just the perfect deep, sophisticated smoky shade and I can’t wait to wear it (pics soon!). Amanda shared that burgundy, saffron and teal would be big colors for fall (in both fashion and in beauty).


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Francois finds inspiration in old films and in nature (he spends half the year in Bora Bora and is an avid and accomplished photographer). He also finds inspiration in unusual, imperfect-looking faces (whew!), so we should all really try to embrace our “flaws.” Here I am above with the flawless Kristen Conahan of Style Wax Poetic (left). In addition to cosmetics and his new book Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself, Francois is also debuting a new line of eyeglasses this month, which I am excited to see (his were quite chic and made me glad that I had worn my new vintage frames).


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In addition to the great food and company, the views from Soho House were as stunning as Amanda and Francois, and I found myself fantasizing about becoming a Soho House member, shopping exclusively at Barney’s, and wearing all the latest and greatest from NARS (a girl can dream, can’t she?). I’ll be sure to share a few more photos of some of the stylish ladies I spotted in upcoming Style Crush features and of the NARS beauty products we were gifted as I try them out. Until then, I leave you with Francois Nars’ own beauty regime and tips (which I’ll certainly be following as Francois is the youngest-looking 50-something I’ve ever seen!):


1. Drink lots of water.

2. Never leave the house without either mascara, lipstick or blush.

3. Drink chlorophyll and wheat grass shots (he has for over 20 years).

4. Don’t deprive yourself (he enjoys wine).

5. Use colors that you love and are instantly attracted to.

6. Don’t smoke.

7. Eat organic foods.

8. Laugh a lot (he loves to laugh and hates when people don’t)!

9. Surround yourself with people you love.

10. Be happy!


Wise tips indeed. You can check out NARS online here or here or at Barney’s.


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