Don’t fret! So I’ve been going through my closets doing the dreaded spring cleaning and getting bummed as a bunch of cute and some not-so-cute skirts no longer fit. Why? Ever-expanding hips. But, I noticed that if I just pulled them up over my non-existent boobies, they made great strapless tops and dresses. Score! They’re very Sarah Jessica Parker. Some great for pregnant women since they’re flowy and billowy. I’ll most likely adorn with some ribbons and flowers and what not, but just wanted to pass on the idea to anyone getting frustrated by their expanding hips, too. A negative becomes a positive. Thank goodness. Also a big plus, I get so frustrated that so many tops these days are so short. I’m not up for showing my belly to the world, and these, of course, come down much longer. I’ll post pics in the coming weeks for anyone interested. Expansion is a plus – literally – ha!

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