One of the major bennies of living in Palm Springs is that since it’s hot, you actually tend to crave food that’s really good for you, like fruits and veggies. And since it’s hot, you tend to not want to cook. I was jonesing for some good gazpacho last night, so was a happy clam when I stumbled across Mattbites, a fab food blog by Matt Armendariz featuring yummy recipes and even better photos. Matt made and posted two gazpachos and I went with the more traditional choice, which is a recipe from Tapas: A Taste of Spain in America by José Andrés. It was DIVINE. Great food starts with great ingredients, and nowhere is this more true than with gazpacho. I used red heirloom tomatoes, so ended up with a gorgeously pinky-red gazpacho instead of the green seen here and also ixnayed the breadcrumbs due to laziness, health reasons. I also subbed white vinegar for sherry vinegar and used regular Italian EVOO. I like my gazpacho like I like my men, chunky (kidding, darling!), so didn’t blend too much and skipped the straining step. If you’re looking for an easy, delicious, impressive no-cook Memorial Day weekend treat, I highly suggest you make this gazpacho. Isn’t saying gazpacho fun? Gazpacho. Gazpacho. Gazpacho. Recipe here. What do you think of the white gazpacho? I’ve never seen a gazpacho like that, but would be fun to try… Gazpacho!

[Photo credit: Mattbites]

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