Sometimes the 15-year-old girl in us comes out and we feel like throwing a big Dubya to the world, or to whoever has irked us that moment.
Maybe it’s some annoying Facebook status update that causes an instant roll of the eyes.
Other times it’s some bitty from The City claiming her show is real and not scripted.


Sometimes, we’re in a very laidback California mood and when asked what we what to do, see, eat, all we can muster is a mumbly Whatever.
Whatever the case, we’re digging this Jessica Kagan Cushman ring that gives new meaning to talk to the hand.
It will go so nicely with our Truly fabulous people never get dressed before lunchtime bangle.
To which, we know, many of you will reply Whatever.
Go on, give us the finger (for less than $30) right here.

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