We’re girls who love our accessories. From bags to bangles, we know they can take a look from so-so to so cute.
And in this biz, we’ve seen a lot of products over the years, many good, many not living up to their hype.
Well, we’ve found our latest absolute must-have: The FUMI. It’s three helpful and stylish things in one and for less than the price of a gourmet burger.
Perhaps the most important? It’s a handbag hanger to keep your precious bag off of the germ-ridden floor. Simply hook it over the table and place your bag on the other side and voila, your bag never has to see an icky floor again. We’ve tested many a handbag hanger and think this one is the best. Why?
Because it’s also a bracelet — and handbag accessory — too. That’s right, it wraps right around your wrist or handbag handles, which means it’s always there when you need it. The problem with most handbag hangers is that they take up room in your bag, you can’t find them in your bag or you lose them. The FUMI’s a really cute accessory you’ll actually want to wear — even on nights when you’re going bagless.
It’s also really strong, holding our very overstuffed Rebecca Minkoff with ease.
Available in faux animal skins, silver and gold (we’re partial to our black ‘Confident’ snake skin as it goes with everything), for less than $25 right here.
Plus, just for kellygolightly readers, take 20% off your order with code BUSSFUMI at checkout through Febraury 28, 2009.
P.S. Want to win a FUMI PurseHook? We’re giving one away! Spread the word to your friends, so they have a chance to win too. Click here for the deets!

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