Where to Find Sand Dunes in California: Top blogger Kelly Golightly shares magical sand dunes that look like you're in Egypt.

Today I wanted to share not just these pictures of the incredible sand dunes, but also the number one thing that’s helped me to feel finally better with my autoimmune issues, Hashimoto’s and Celiac. I truly hope this may help you too.

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First, I should preface this with saying that all of the other things I have done and do are still essential.

Those 10 things are:

  • Going gluten-free, dairy-free and grain-free
  • Being on an anti-inflammatory diet + eliminating any food triggers (I did AIP for a long time)
  • Taking a turmeric supplement (Turmero by Apex Energetics)
  • Taking B-12 and Vitamin D
  • Having access to anti-anxiety drugs (compounded Valium)
  • Taking my thyroid meds (Tirosint T4 + compounded T3)
  • Taking a bath with epsom salts (for magnesium) every day
  • Getting our puppy Odee (for mental health + even physical health)
  • Taking progesterone
  • I’m also on Lexapro, an antidepressant (but it’s hard to tell if that works or not — but since I’m feeling well, I’m sticking with it for now)

But it wasn’t until I started this ONE THING that made a HUGE difference.

That thing?


What is LDN, you ask?

Low dose naltrexone.

You’re probably wondering what the heck LDN is.

It’s a medication that basically resets (or modulates) your immune system.

My understanding is that Naltrexone was initially used on patients with MS, and great success was found with it. It’s apparently also used with cancer patients and HIV/AIDS patients.

But, many people with Hashimoto’s and other autoimmune issues and chronic illnesses have found tremendous success with taking very low doses of Naltrexone.

I first heard about LDN through Dr. Izabella Wentz, the Thyroid Pharmacist. You should definitely check out her site and her books here+ here for great info on Hashimoto’s.

Read her explanation of LDN here.

It’s basically tempered town my immune system to not overreact to the slightest things.

Before LDN, if I tried to reintroduce a food (something as healthy as avocados), my body would still see the avocado as poison and launch an autoimmune attack, wiping me out for days, if not weeks. Despite doing everything to heal my gut, my immune system was still so amped up. The LDN finally settled it down.

Since being on LDN, I’ve been able to live a much more normal life again. I’ve been able to indulge in treats (guacamole!) and even recently started having oatmeal again. These seemingly little things were impossible before. I can enjoy a cocktail if I want to, whereas before it was just too much for my system. If I don’t get eight hours of sleep for a night, I can still totally function the next day. All things that weren’t possible before the LDN.

LDN needs to be prescribed by a medical doctor. But, many doctors don’t know about using it for Hashimoto’s. Apparently Naltrexone was an ingredient in diet pills that were over-prescribed and abused in the ’80s, so many doctors have a stigma against it. However, if you do your research and bring that in to your doctor and explain why you’d like to try it, they should prescribe it. My doctor did.

I believe there’s a site where you can have a doctor issue a prescription online too (LDNDoctor.com). But I haven’t used that, as I didn’t need to, but putting it out there if you’d like to research more on your own.

I get my LDN through a compounding pharmacy in Lakewood, Colorado called Belmar Pharmacy (colleagues of my doctor recommended it for being very reliable).

I really hope that may help some of you to feel better! I know how frustrating it can be to feel like you’re dying or not really living. It’s isolating and a total bummer. But LDN has been a game-changer for me.

Have you ever heard of LDN? Or tried it? Likewise, is there one thing that’s helped you the most on your healing journey with Hashimoto’s or any autoimmune diseases or chronic illnesses?

p.s. These are the Imperial Sand Dunes in California. Thanks to Lance Gerber for sharing them! My dress is vintage and earrings are Brynn Hudson.


p.p.s. You can read more of my health posts here.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. I am just a girl sharing my own experience. I highly recommend consulting with your doctor before beginning any new regime.

Photos by Fred Baby

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