The Ultimate Wardrobe Challenege: Felicia Sullivan: 15:30 Project

A peek at the goods.


I’m not one for physical challenges (I am the girl, after all, who went to one Bar Method Class and then couldn’t move for two weeks — and never returned) and I’m not one for mental challenges either (those brain teasers that interviewers like to give — le yawn! — there’s a reason I work for myself people!), but a wardrobe challenge… that sounds right up my alley (or should I say my Rodeo Drive? Eeew no, alley). When I saw writer and blogger extraordinaire Felicia Sullivan post the 15:30 Project (read all about it here),  I immediately wanted to participate. Choose 15 items to wear over the next 30 days. How hard could that be? Right? I told Huzzy Pie… His reaction? Why on earth would you want to do that when you just spent the last year living out of one carry-on suitcase? Touche. Logic aside, the reason I wanted to participate is because despite suddenly having gained access to hundreds of pieces of clothing (after a full year, we finally got our belongings out of storage), I keep wearing the same three things.  Also, despite having 60 dresses (I counted as I was unpacking – I’m not Rainman or anything — see above)), I still felt the need to buy a brand new dress (see exhibit pink above). Simply put, I need to mix it up. Utilize what I have. Get back to my creative roots.  And there’s no better time to start than the unofficial beginning of fall, New York Fashion Week Labor Day.



Ultimate Wardrobe Challenge. Felicia Sullivan Wardrobe Challenge.

Another peek at the contestants.


So I set forth and selected my 15 items (see the rules here). As seen in the pictures above, I obviously have a penchant for black and white and enjoy a pop of pink. I also have a distinct leaning towards voluminous tops. I’m a few days behind (technically the challenge began on September 1st , but let’s hope there’s something to that being fashionably late thing). I’ll be posting photos of my outfits along the way and hope that you’ll participate too! If you’re a blogger (or start a blog to participate), please comment below and I’ll link to you and check out your progress). Felicia will also be doing the same… Let the games begin!


Here’s my list:


1. Pink ADAM dress (

2. White Mint by Jodi Arnold dress (Shopbop)

3. B&W H&M alphabet dress (H&M in San Francisco)

4. B&W Foley & Corinna dress (Shopbop)

5. White Johnny Martin knit dress (Nordstrom’s Juniors dept!)


6. B&W polka dot H&M top (H&M in San Francisco)

7. Vintage cream blouse (online vintage shop)

8. Black sleeveless Romeo & Juliet Couture ruffled blouse (Off Fifth – Saks Outlet, Texas)

9. Sleeveless white linen top (Etsy)


10. Navy Urban Outfitter blazer (UO in San Francisco)

11. Grey J.Crew cardigan (

12. Grey Dolee & Rasa cardigan (from the streets of Paris)

13. Black Express blazer (Express in Texas)


14. Denim Zara cutoffs (Zara in Paris)

15. Pink ASOS skinny jeans (




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