It’s not easy being pretty. As our Worst Dressed List nominees prove, you can still be beautiful, but fall short on the red carpet. Why they made our list? Mostly because their looks were way too much or way too little. But you decide and rate the red carpet below.

It’s Up in the Air star Anna Kendrick’s first time on the red carpet and for that we say not too shabby. Why she made the Worsties and not the Besties? She went overboardies (kind of like us with that statement – sorry!). But the petite 23-year-young scene-stealer looked too done and her Marchesa frock aged her well beyond her tender years. A classic case of the dress wearing her, not the other way around. She’s a clever girl though,  so we look forward to seeing her turn it around next time. And we are sure there will be many more next times. Tina Fey. We love you. So much that it pains us to call you Little Bo Un-Chic. Ouch, we know. Quite frankly, from the ribs up, you look divine. From that horrible waistband down, well where do we start? If the intention was comic relief (Hey, I know what will go great with my umbrella!) then you succeeded Mary Poppins. Moving on… Kate Hudson is normally on our Best Dressed list. She always manages to look dazzlingly effortless and California-cool. Which is exactly why this structured 40-year-old bride concoction isn’t working for us. And the shoes. Well,  the Michelin Man (and the Marshmallow Man) pop to mind. That said, from the neck up, she’s a doll.


Pretty Woman, where’s your date to Red Lobster? While you still look like a million bucks and we dig your necklace, shoes and megawatt smile, this look is way too cazh for the Globes, whether you are just presenting or not. Ms. Mariah Scary, where do we begin? Um, at the top. Your cup runneth over and you are not Miss Golden Globes. A little subtlety would go a long way in the class department, but stay just the way you are. At least you give us someone to add to this list. Penelope, you’re always on our Best Dressed List. Que pasa? Though you still look so gorgeous we want to keel you, this look is way too ole for us. We feel like you should be singing at Chi-Chis. Does Chi-Chis still exist or did we just date ourselves, kind of like Penelope dates herself in her Globes gown? She and present-day Sophia Loren could be twinsies.

Heidi, one minute you’re in, the next you’re out. To be fair, you did just have a baby like 30 seconds ago. To also be fair, it kind of looks like it (doesn’t she look tired?). We’ve never had babies and could guarantee you we would look so so so much worse, but she’s knocked it out of the park so many times that we’ve become spoiled and expect a home-run from this hot mama every time. This is more like a walk (and that concludes our baseball references). We love moms, we swear and Amy Adams looks kind of glowy and happy, but her matronly dress is a mayjuh downer. Too Hillary Clinton circa well, now. Girl from Glee, we don’t think you’re preggers, so why wear a Jessica McClintock dress that makes you look it?

Who topped your Worst Dressed List? Think we missed the mark? Share your fashion expertise by voting and commenting below!

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