desert_sky1; mojave desert style

Girl gone wild (with her iPhone) in Vegas.


One of the best parts of our weekend roadtrip through the desert was seeing the many incarnations of the desert sky. When we arrived, it was drizzly and grey, but that didn’t stop me from going wild in Vegas.


These boots were made for eatin'.


My most wild indulgence in Sin City? Stuffing four (FOUR!) Reese’s Cups into my pie hole…



What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.



While watching airplanes land…


Like a Monet, Vegas is good from afar, but far from good? Oh, wait...


It was a night I’ll never forget. Mostly because my thighs won’t let me.


mojave desrt sky pictures

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day.


The next morning, I properly punished myself. Instead of attending METALCON with my beloved as planned (because I really, really wanted to go), I watched Clueless from bed (rollin’ with the homies) in our suite that was bigger than our former New York loft and luxuriated in a bubble bath that could fit an army of elves while shouting to no one in particular at the shapes I was able to make (look a mohawk, on my knee!), with Anthony Bourdain schooling me on Laos and ant-egg omelets from the tele in the bathroom (very Royal Tennenbaums). Later, I did the same with clouds, as we hit the road again, in hopes of sunnier pastures.


desert sky; rainbow photos; rainbows in the desert

Ay, me lucky charms.


We did find sunshine and rain and the baby those two breed if they’re you’re lucky, a rainbow.


Into the great white open.


Soon, the clouds parted and the terrain changed. Rocks turned to salt and I was a smitten kitten. It was if we were on the moon.


We finally reached Rock Reach House.


Not too long after, we reached our destination, surrounded once again by what can only be best described as a Flintstones landscape.


A rockin' sunset.


From the comfort of the deck and the mid-century mod living room, we watched the desert sky catch on fire as the sun began to set behinds the rocks.


Sweet dreams.


Good night desert. Good night moon.

[Photos by kellygolightly]





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