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Have you been watching Design Star this season? The best part? Designer and prop stylist Emily Henderson (Emily’s the adorable one in the darling blue dress in the photo above). She won us over with her trademark vintage-preppy style and KiKi Dunst good looks.  You may know her best as the one who stares a lot…

Like us, you probably suspected she was a cool, funny girl. And, after stumbling across her blog The Brass Petal, we now know we were wrong. She’s not funny, she’s hysterical. It’s not often someone can use the word douchey on a design blog and make it seem so delightfully charming. Her stream-of-consciousness writing is refreshing and we love the behind-the-scenes Design Star play-by-play. Her very genuine self-effacing (but not self-loathing) approach makes you feel like she could be your BFF. (Side note: If you want a shot at becoming her BFF, Emily and her hubby are having an informal season finale viewing party in LA this Sunday. And if you want to be our BFF, we’ll be there too!).


Design Star Emily Henderson's living room


She shares her own design questions and problems, though from her spot-on living room (see above), it doesn’t seem she has any (so simple but with just the right mix of special elements).


Emily Henderson's office


And, unlike most designers, she even shares some of her secret sources, like the under-the-radar vintage shop in LA where she scooped up that great blue chair for her office (and which has us now wanting to recreate the same look in ours).  If you want to be able to say you knew her (blog) when, click here to read The Brass Petal now before she wins on Sunday and becomes a super Design Star!



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