No longer reserved for cold weather only, the past few episodes of The Hills had us proclaiming that scarves are the new necklaces. They’re an easy and inexpensive (bonus) way to freshen up and pull together your look. Instant chic!

They’re also flattering to all shapes and sizes and you never feel like you have to lose an extra five pounds to rock one. Whew.

So go on, have that extra cupcake and enjoy the below roundup of our favorite lightweight, breezy spring scarves, as inspired by the girls from The Hills. You can also catch our Favorite Spring Scarves for Under $40 here.

Style Tip: Be sure to choose a scarf that flatters your complexion and your style — anything that brightens your face and makes you stand out like the style star you are.

1. Nusantara Metallic Scarf, $28; 2. Plume Scarf, $34

3. Scattered Breeze Scarf, $58; 4. Sun-bleached stripe scarf, $19.50; 5. Tie-Dyed Scarves, $48; 6. Scarf by Lauren Conrad, $25

7. Diane Von Furstenberg, 160; 8. Square Printed Scarf, $20; 9. Patterned Rose Square Scarf, $24; 10. Python-print silk scarf, $48

This post originally appeared on the fabulous celebrity style site SeenON! Be sure to scope out more star style finds from our fave shows and movies, The Hills, Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, Sex and the City and more, at SeenON!

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