My darlings, are you running around like a turkey with its head cut off trying to tie up loose ends before Thanksgiving? I know the feeling.  But before you rush back to cleaning or packing or baking or having a proper melt-down, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for tuning in and reading every day. Thank you for commenting and tweeting and Facebooking and for just being such marvelous, engaged, funny, fun, smart, amazeballs readers. It’s such a pleasure when we can connect and chat, and for that, I am extremely grateful.

I wish you the most wonderful of Thanksgivings and leave you with this to think of when you are cursing your frozen turkey and considering tossing it in the dryer, or when your family starts driving you bonkers, or when you are feeling the holiday blues: Remember, it’s just turkey. That, and honey badger don’t care!

See you back here on Friday when we launch our annual Holiday DEALS Gift Guide… I think you’re gonna love it!

Until then, channel your inner honey badger — and don’t forget to defrost the turkey xx!



[Art by Trey Speegle available for purchase here]

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