Every time I use salt, I think of you, Nora Ephron.

Every time I think of salt, I think of you, Nora Ephron.

Every time I eat tiramisu, I think of you, Nora Ephron.

Every time I read the word “tiramisu” on a menu, I think of you, Nora Ephron.

Every time I hear the word tiramisu, I think of you, Nora Ephron (okay and Tom Hanks: “What is tiramisu? Some woman is gonna want me to do it to her and I’m not gonna know what it is! ” – Sleepless in Seattle)

Nora, you inspired me to be a writer long before I knew what that was. Let alone something someone might pay you for.

I was 11 when When Harry Met Sally… came out… When the seed was planted.

And I was 15 when Sleepless in Seattle graced the screen. When you showed us that life could be so much bigger, and better, and more magical.

That we don’t get to live our dream lives by settling. That it’s okay – no, good — to be feisty, and strong, and persistent, and honest.

Most of all with ourselves.

That New York is a place where magic happens. Where great love happens.

Thank you for salt. And for tiramisu. And for laughter. And most of all for love.


Every tribute to you, Nora, contains the word “sparkling.” But more than through your own enigmatic sparkle, you ignited sparks in so many of us.  To do more, want more, love more, laugh more.

The word “sparkling” is almost right. But really, it’s something more…

A dying word and trait, really.

It’s charm.

It’s always so hard to see someone so sparkling…so charming…so vibrant leave us.

But, you’ll never be gone.

You’ll always be up there, looking down on us from the pedestal we’ve so rightly put you on, dazzling us and sprinkling upon us your charm, your wit, your non-kosher salt, your insightful, riotous observations, clever musings, your words that seem so simple but say so much.

When we’re flipping through the channels and Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal are debating the merits of high maintence and low maintence, there you’ll be. When Meg and Tom are at the top of the Empire State Building making us feel hopeful, there you’ll be.

But, perhaps the greatest gift you’ve given us, the best lesson you’ve imparted upon us, is to stop wasting time. Do what you want. You don’t have forever. Quit mucking around. This is it. And if you can find someone who makes your heart race to share it all with, all the better.

Thank you, Nora, for love, laughter, charm… for salt and tiramisu… but most of all, for you.

I’ll have what you’re having.


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