My friends Leah and Mary recently asked me if I had any goals for June. I don’t normally have monthly goals (though after reading this, I think I should!), but within a few minutes several things sprang to mind. Do you set monthly goals? Anything you want to accomplish this summer? Or this month? I’d love know…. Mine are all basic life kind of stuff, so not super sexy, but you have to have your foundation in order to move on to the bigger and better stuff, right?

Here are my top three goals for the summer…

1) Get my health in order. It’s been too long since I’ve been to the doctor. Like way too long. So, even though it’s pretty much a nightmare trying to find good doctors and not very fun to go, I’m putting on my big-girl pants and am making it happen. I have an appointment today (wish me luck) and two more scheduled over the coming weeks with eye doctors and what not. Do you go to the doctor regularly? Or avoid it like the plague? I’m an avoider (in more things than I care to admit) but that’s silly. So I’m taking the same advice I’d give to a friend or anyone I love: Go to the doctor.

2) Cook every day. It probably sounds ridiculous to make a goal of making one meal every day, as most people do that two or three times a day. But we’ve gotten really bad about never cooking at home. Take out? We’re masters. Eating out. Yep. But cooking? We’ve fallen off the wagon. The funny thing is I actually LOVE to cook. Especially when I’m home alone. It gets me away from the computer, doing something with my hands, and is very therapeutic. And lately I’ve become obsessed with The Barefoot Contessa (last week Joy and I were talking about how Ina Garten seems like the warm grandma you just want to cuddle up with and nestle in her bosom — too far?), so I’ve been inspired to cook more. Plus, it’s something I want to do more for Fred Baby, who takes such great care of me. So whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, I’m committed to cooking at least one meal a day (so far this week, I’ve cooked all of my meals and loved it). I’ll be sure to share the successful recipes here, too, if you’d like…

3) Spruce up the apartment. We’ve finally gotten Casa Palm Springs squared away. Sure, there are little decor things that we could do (like reupholster the dining chairs), but all major furniture is in its place and the art is finally hung. And, thanks to Fred Baby, even the garage is organized. Neglected in its wake, however, is our LA apartment. It’s like the forgotten first-born after you have your second (and favorite) child (can you tell I’m a second child?). All kidding aside, my White Idea never fully came to fruition. It didn’t help that we took all of our favorite pieces to Palm Springs when we got the house. We need to purge, organize and decorate so we feel comfortable — and inspired — at home. After a serious scrubbing, step one is going to be to paint. Even it the color we paint (and it probably will be) is white.

Okay, those are my sexy goals for the next few months (after writing them down, I just realized they are all Feel Good Goals). I find it helps to write them down and share them because then I feel more accountable. Are you like that too? If so, please share your goals in the comments!

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