To dress up or not to dress up? That is the question. If you’re like me, you probably waited to the last minute, yet again, only to decide you really want to dress up for Halloween, but have no idea what you can be at the 11th hour. Here, a roundup of great ideas from around the web — all of which you’re likely to be able to create from what you already have in your closet. Treat!
The City Sage seduces with her costume of Mrs. Robinson. Meeow!

The Splendora girls channel one the best movies of the ’80s, Heathers, with a stylish group effort.

Fab Sugar is an ’80s state of mind too with Working Girl. Get those tennies and shoulder pads ready!

I pile it all on for perhaps the easiest costume of all time, a Fashion Victim. Add any logo tee/bag, your largest sunnies and ghetto-fab bling to this look and you’re ready to roll.

Finally, Regis and Kelly knock it out of the park with a pop culture-infused Halloween show. Fave costumes? Regis as Susan Boyle, Kelly as Rachel Zoe AND Taylor (priceless), and perhaps the best of all, Kelly as a Real Housewife of New Jersey (bonus: you get to have a breakdown and knock over a table!).
Definitely, a treat.

Happy Halloween!

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