Hello! Welcome to Day 1 of my style journey. The challenge: To travel across the country (okay, only half way) for three weeks and not look like an American tourist. Don’t get me wrong. I love America. And I love Americans. But somehow we all tend to fall into the jeans/shorts, t-shirt and tennis shoes crutch, which doesn’t exactly exude chic. Since I fall into that myself at more times than I care to admit, I’m using my vanity (hooray!) and this blog to hold myself accountable. At the very least, when looking back at vacation photos, I don’t want to gasp (again) Oh. My. God. How could you let me out of the house in public!? My husband will appreciate that, as I tend to blame him for, well, everything.

Though he was amused (and I don’t think in the good way) that I planned my outfits to complement the landscape of the places we’d be visiting. I couldn’t resist, desert-inspired frocks for, um, the desert. Obsessive much? Yes! I! Am!

The second motivation behind this style diary? A few weeks after this road trip concludes, we’ll be saying adieu to San Francisco for a while. We’re throwing (delicately) everything we own into storage — and caution to the wind, so to speak — and will be traveling abroad, starting in Greece. How will I pack six months of clothing into no more than two pieces of luggage? I hope this experience helps inform some future packing decisions. However, I’ve already packed that much (okay, more) for this three-week trip alone, so only time will tell.

I hope that along the way, you’ll be inspired, or at least mildly amused — and perhaps throw a little caution to the wind yourself and maybe even take the I Will Not Look Like an American Tourist pledge with me. Sneakers have their place. And that place is called the gym.

Hope to see you on the road!


Dress: Vintage
Earrings: Erica Burns Designs

I bought this dress online a few years ago thinking it was cute. It arrived and I thought it was hideous and relegated it to the back of my closet. Somehow, when going through clothing and deciding what to keep and what to donate, this not only made the ‘keep pile,’ it also made the suitcase pile.

I still think it’s tacky — just in a good way this time (go figure). It conjures up many different things: 1980s Miami, 1960s Italy, Golden Girls meets Detroit (don’t ask). I love the pleating, the print and that it’s incredibly comfy and easy and breezy to wear. Here, I actually have it on backwards (I discovered that due to my utter lack of boobage, most vintage dresses look better on me backwards — random, but try it!). I can make it shorter by tucking more of the skirt under the waistline, or wear it longer, so it made the versatility cut, as well. Mostly, I like how it complements the landscape. Here, I’m frolicking on a rock in Yosemite National Park, in perfect 80-degree weather.

Shoes: DV Dolce Vita ‘Moon’ sandals
Ring: J.Crew

I adore these sandals. They’re incredibly comfortable and soft and I love how they wrap around the ankle, but since the color is close to my skin tone, don’t make my legs look shorter.


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