One of the highlights of the year was getting to move into our dream house. But with all good things come some downsides. Ours? Staying connected at home. See how we solved this problem…stylishly!

How the Samsung Connect integrates seamlessly into your home decor. #kellygolightly

The downside of our dream house was less-than-dream Internet and cell service. Even though we are just 10 minutes from downtown Palm Springs, we live “in the country” as we like to joke. Nestled by the mountains in a blissfully unbustling area sadly equates to many dead spots in our house for both Internet and cell service. In fact, for cell service, we use our Internet when at home.

With two people who work from home, Internet is kind of important. And not just in the Cloffice and Fred Baby’s office, but in every room.


We also are lucky enough to have a lighting system that we can control via Internet, as well as Sonos speakers controlled wirelessly, a Nest where we control the thermostat…. even the garage doors can be powered by our phones.

Not to mention our Frame TV with Netflix, Hulu and all that jazz.

Plus, security cameras, a Ring Doorbell, and a pool pump/heater all controlled via Wi-Fi…

All really cool things afforded by advances in technology (hello, Jetsons!)… but frustrating when you  can’t get them to actually work because you have dead zones.

If any of you were here for the Trina Turk fashion show we had during Modernism Week in the backyard, then you may remember that the music didn’t work for the first part of the show. That was because we had a dead spot so the Sonos speakers wouldn’t play. Drats!

Well, I’m SO happy to report that ALL of these issues have finally been solved by the new Samsung Connect Home.

Are you familiar with it?

Connect Home is the only whole-home Wi-Fi system that also works as a SmartThings Hub. That means you can download the Samsung Connect App and control all of your smart home gadgets with one app versus the 17 we previously did.



Odee’s a fan too. Because of the expandable Wi-Fi, it means I can easily order more treats for her without any Internet hiccups. She’s very demanding. 😉

It also means that we now have Wi-Fi in the backyard, so Odee can play while I attempt to work from the back terrace while keeping an eye on her and her rascal-y ways (she likes to take a tumble in the rosemary!).

Now, you may be thinking: I’m sure this comes at some sacrifice to your decor. Nope! See that little white disk up there? Barely, right? That’s it! No eyesore to mess with your decor. Score!

It makes Wi-Fi work everywhere at Villa Golightly and our lives SO much easier. Plus, now the Internet works well for our guests too. That was always an issue before.

If you struggle with connectivity issues or having a million different gadgets powered by Wi-Fi, wouldn’t it be so nice to solve this issue once and for all and start off 2018 on the right foot?

A three-pack covers up to 4500 square feet and you can have up to five Connect Home routers. Each additional one adds another 1500 square feet of mesh coverage.

Set-up was super simple (no bad words came out of my mouth or Fred Baby’s!) and it’s safe and secure.

You can learn more about it here, if you’d like.

Any questions, let me know and, as always, thanks for reading!


This post was created in partnership with Samsung Connect Home. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who enable us to create content on the reg!

p.s. I’ll be sharing full room tours soon but the master bedroom design is by Trellis Home and the lounge design is by Grace Home Furnishings.

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