Slim Aarons Women: The New Slim Aarons Book I Can't Wait For

While I’m normally bemoaning time flying by too quickly, October 4th can’t come fast enough. Why? Because the new Slim Aarons book, Slim Aarons Women, comes out and it’s all about the ladies.

New Slim Aarons Book!

Written by Laura Hawk, who was Slim’s assistant for a decade, the book features over 200 images of the muses and personalities who inspired Slim’s work, including Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn.

Slim Aarons Women Today: Poolside Gossip Reunion by Fred Moser + Kelly Lee

Of course, the cover features the most iconic ladies of Slim’s world, Helen Dzo Dzo Kaptur and Nelda Linsk, at the Kaufmann House in Palm Springs (see our shoot with them here, as pictured above).

Will you be picking up a copy?

Pre-order the book here, so it arrives on October 4th — I did!


p.s. Our Poolside Gossip reunion photo with Nelda and Helen which was featured in The New York Times. Prints available for sale here.

p.p.s. There’s a great excerpt in The Wall Street Journal.

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