Where to get Saint Laurent Lou Lou heart sunglasses for less.

Sometimes it can be tough to decide what to name a blog post and which direction you should go. I assume most bloggers have their subject in mind before they shoot, but Fred Baby and I like to shoot when inspiration strikes.

In the Spirit of Slim Aarons and C.Z. Guest in Palm Beach | Kelly Golightly

For instance, I knew this post would be for our #PSILOVERED  series, but it could also either be a Valentine’s Day Pool Party post or, since it happened to resemble Slim Aarons’ photos of C.Z. Guest in Palm Beach, it could be a Style Icon Project post.

In the Spirit of Slim Aarons and C.Z. Guest in Palm Beach | Kelly Golightly

I’m not wearing white like in the Slim Aarons x C.Z. Guest photos which you can see on my Slim Aarons board on Pinterest, but the spirit is very similar. Especially with Odee by my side!

Love these Saint Laurent Lou Lou Heart Sunglasses | As seen on Kelly Golightly in Palm Springs

Or, a third option could be…Where To Get Heart Sunglasses.

How great are these heart-shaped sunglasses? Top fashion blogger Kelly Golightly wears Saint Laurent Lou Lou Sunglasses

Speaking of, these are the Saint Laurent LouLou sunglasses, which also come in red and a few other options, which I’ve linked to below.

Love these white heart sunglasses! #kellygolightly

There are also look-a-like heart sunglasses for less here in red, white and black.

Happy Valentine's Day from Palm Springs! Love this ban.do heart blanket towel and heart cooler bag. #kellygolightly #palmsprings #bando #bandofun

Honestly, people are much more likely to be searching for heart-shaped sunglasses or fun Valentine’s Day party ideas, so those would probably make the most sense when it comes to SEO and all that jazz. But then again, I’m not one for logic.

How cute is this heart-shaped bag and towel/blanket? #kellygolightly #palmsprings #bando #bandofun

However, I am one to proclaim that my life goal is to live in a Slim Aarons photo and that seems to have worked out pretty well, so let’s go with that!

What would have you have gone with:

Valentine’s Day Pool Party?

Heart Sunglasses?

Style Icon Project: Slim Araons x C.Z. Guest?

Are you a blogger? If so, how do you decide on blog topics? Do you plan your shoots ahead of time or do things more on the fly?

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 heart blanket (also here) c/o |  heart bag (also here) c/o  |  pink heart pool float c/o |  J.Crew bathing suit | hat | heart sunglasses (more options in all price ranges below)


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